Topographical Relief for the Pacific Northwest

Topographical Relief for the CP3 Domain, with County Lines


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The Columbia Plateau PM-10 Project study area occupies the east-central part of Washington with adjoining areas in Oregon and Idaho. The study area , 400 km East-West by 340 km North-South, was defined according to the coordinates listed in the following table.

Study area reference coordinates

Output Georeferenced Units  : UTM    11
Projection  : Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 11  
Earth Ellipsoid  : Clarke 1866 (NAD 27)
Upper Left  Corner      187488.000 E 5379387.000 N
Upper Right Corner 587679.000 E  5379387.000 N
Image Center 387583.500 E 5209431.000 N
Lower Left  Corner  187488.000 E 5039475.000 N
Lower Right Corner 587679.000 E  5039475.000 N
Pixel Size 1000 meters
Upper Left  Corner  121d13'48.38" W  Lon 48d29'30.33" N  Lat
Upper Right Corner  115d48'41.90" W  Lon 48d33'48.28" N  Lat
Image Center 118d28'46.14" W  Lon 47d01'50.90" N  Lat
Lower Left  Corner  120d59'44.90" W  Lon  45d26'26.95" N  Lat
Lower Right Corner  115d52'39.59" W  Lon 45d30'18.91" N  Lat