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Stephen S. Jones

Professor and Winter Wheat Breeder
Crop and Soil Science Department
Washington State University

(joined the project in 2008)


Ph.D. Genetics, University of California, Davis 1991
M.S. Agronomy, University of California, Davis 1986
B.S. Agriculture, California State University, Chico, 1980

Research Interests

Develop improved wheat varieties
How to move towards a more sustainable agriculture though plant breeding
Improving wheat performance under organic and low input growing conditions
Plant chromosome manipulation
Genomic relationships among Triticum aestivum and related species
Determining how annual plants “decide” to die and how perennial plants “decide” to live
Converting wheat from an annual to a perennial growth habit to aid in reduction of soil erosion

Technical Support Staff

Steven R. Lyon, Senior Scientific Assistant
Meg Gollnick, Laboratory/Program Manager
Kerry Ballow, Scientific Assistant

Refereed Journal Articles

Higginbotham, R.W., S.S. Jones, and A.H. Carter. 2011. Adaptability of wheat cultivars to a late-planted no-till fallow production system. Sustainability 3:1224-1233.