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1996 Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

Pietersma, D., L.D. Stetler, and K.E. Saxton. 1996. Design and aerodynamics of a portable wind tunnel for soil erosion and fugitive dust research. Transactions of American Society of Agricultural Engineers 39:2075-2083.

Saxton, K.E. 1996. Agricultural wind erosion and air quality impacts: A comprehensive research program. American Journal of Alternative Agriculture 11:64-70.

Schillinger, W.F. 1996. Packing summer fallow in the Pacific Northwest: Agronomic benefits and environmental concerns. Agronomy Journal 88:9-13.

Schillinger, W.F. and F.E. Bolton. 1996. Packing summer fallow in the Pacific Northwest: Seed zone water retention. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 51:62-66.

Stetler, L.D. and K.E. Saxton. 1996. Wind Erosion and PM10 emissions from agricultural fields on the Columbia Plateau. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 21:673-685.


Extension Bulletins

Veseth, R.J, B. Miller, T. Fiez, T. Walters, and H. Schafer. 1996. Returning CRP land to crop production. Pacific Northwest Conservation Tillage Handbook Series No. 16, Chapter 2.


Published Abstracts

Gill, T.E., A.C. Kennedy, and T.M. Zobeck. 1996. Microbial fatty acid methyl esters as biomarkers: Application to provenance determination of soil erosion and sediment transport. Geological Society of America Abstract 28:253.

Horning, L., L.D. Stetler, and K. Saxton. 1996. Surface residue and soil roughness for wind erosion protection. American Society of Agricultural Engineers annual meeting, 17 July, Phoenix, AZ.

Kennedy, A.C. 1996. Molecular analysis in soil quality assessment. p. 224. Soil Science Society of America annual meeting, 3-8 November, Indianapolis, IN. ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Abstracts.

Kennedy, A.C., A.J. Busacca, and C.S. Claiborn. 1996. Biological fingerprinting for source identification of displaced soil particles. Abstracts of 77th annual meeting of the Pacific Division, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Western Soil Science Society of America, San Jose, CA.


Experiment Station Research and Extension Reports

Veseth, R.J., B. Miller, T. Fiez, T. Walters, and H. Schafer. 1996. Management considerations for returning CRP land to crop production. Highlights of Research Progress. Technical Report 96-2, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman, WA.