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Cross-Slot No-Till Drill

The Cross-Slot is an ultra-low disturbance no-till drill, seen here planting through more than 10,000 lbs/acre of stubble.

Cross-slot drill being pulled by a tractor in a field.

With the Cross-Slot drill, we achieve excellent seed placement and stand establishment is uniform.

Rear-view image of a Cross-slot drill.
Cross-slot (rear view)

Openers consist of a coulter with “wings” on each side and two packer wheels following. One of the wings places the seed while fertilizer is placed with another wing on the opposite side of the coulter, thereby providing the necessary separation of seed and fertilizer. We use liquid fertilizer, but the openers are also capable of utilizing dry fertilizer.

“Down pressure” is maintained by individual hydraulic cylinders at each opener. Each cylinder is connected to a universal manifold that is regulated by accumulators to maintain uniform down pressure when planting.

The opener on a Cross-slot drill.